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Our world is constantly changing - as the requirements for a company that wants to be competitive in a global market. Today competitiveness is no longer just a question of growth and profitability, but also of social responsibility and the associated commitment.

CemTrade meets the increasing requirements by using materials whose quality, flexibility, environmental friendliness and durability meets the increasing global demands of industry and construction industry: high-quality fiber cement.

In the production of our fiber cement panels we stick to certain principles of traditional manufacturing. In addition, we follow up and integrate continually the technical development of materials as well as technologies.

The name CemTrade stands for high quality materials made of fiber cement in the fields

for insulation composite, sandwich construction, formwork, shipbuilding ...

as colored, coated cladding panels, polished or wood structure sidings made of fiber cement...

for drywall construction, interior completion, wet room, studding, suspended ceilings ...

Fire protection
for infills, fire doors, claddings, apparatus- and furnace- constructions, drying systems ...



Project presentation: Architect house in the Weserbergland
Façade panels and façade boards as façade cladding

Façade panels for a modern new building - to meet the individual needs of the owners, this private home was specially designed.

Beyond the ordinary planning, the architectural office Nehmann / Bad Münder designed an exclusive house concept that also met the demanding ideas of the owners, including façade panels and façade boards.

The external appearance of the house is emphasized not only by the particular shape, but also by the high quality of the material used: Traditional building materials such as water-struck bricks, clay pans, slate and wood from local forests have been combined with modern building systems, in this case with the Cemval façade panels from CemTrade.

The interior was designed with particularly detailed construction planning. A generously appointed living area - the spacious living room is equipped with an impressive 360 degree rotatable fireplace and a gallery – and its spacious usable areas also in the basement gives this modern home a unique signature.

The massive wooden rafters inside are consciously visible. Triple-glazed windows with sliding elements and shutters ensure a light-flooded interior. For the ventilated façade, through colored fibercement panels Cemval Fassade were used, also for the precisely cladding around the round windows.

These special façade panels are steam-cured and made of colored fiber cement. They were fastened on a wooden substructure with acid-resistant V4A stainless steel screws. The screw heads were customized in color and gloss to the facade panels and are virtually invisible. A specially designed EPDM joint profile prevents capillary incoming rainwater.

The façade panel used has an unique selling point: Cemval Fassade consists of natural components, is inhomogeneous in its color and allows a lively appearance depending on the weather. Over time, a natural patina forms with fine mineral marbling. The color play of the bricks and Cemval Fassade complement each other perfectly.

Apropos of bricks, according to Fathers custom, the base was carried out by means of grenadier layer of bricks - as well as the eaves on the roof connection. Renewable energies and natural resources are used. For example, an air heat pump and rainwater harvesting are used for garden irrigation.

Deviating from the mainstream, two pitched roofs with different heights were realized. The terrace on the south side is protected by a particularly large roof overhang of up to six meters.

The garage reflects the construction of the house. The design was taken over as well as the bricks and the façade panels. This created a harmonious overall picture.


Cladding 3

Cladding 1

Cladding 4

Cladding 2


Project presentation: Industrial building in the administrative region
of Cologne / Rhineland - façade renovation

When refurbishing the façade of this industrial building, the architectural goal was to create a high-quality, energy-efficient complex based on façade panels.

The choice of the builders fell to the natural, steam cured Cemval Fassade fiber cement panels by CemTrade in the color Stone. This façade material does not contain any fungicides, plasticisers or solvents, does not burn and has a very long life span.

Façade panels were mounted as a curtain-type ventilated facade. Condensate moisture etc. can thus be easily carried away from the building. Together with the efficient insulation creates a pleasant living environment for living and working.

An important side effect of this facade renovation: With this optimized design, mould has no chance to form.

Actually, the new look of the building is more than just functional: The inhomogenous appearance of the throughcolored façade panels and the play of colors during the various weather phases make this project stand out from the crowd of pure functional buildings. The natural formation of a patina over time - incidentally characteristic of this fiber cement board - can enhance the stone appearance of the surfaces.

Its haptic leaves a veritable impression of the building as well as its monolithic appearance. The renovated façade gives the building a completely new expression. An architectonic bridge was erected boldly combining various facade panels and materials with great sensitivity.

Traditional practices have been partly replaced in favor of individual detail solutions. Instead of typically used powder coated fasteners in façade panel paint, the builders opted for fasteners with shiny, polished metal heads which underline the natural appearance of the façade.


Facade panels 2

Facade panels 1

Facade panels 3

Facade panels 4



Cemval Protect Marine

Fire protection is of particular relevance in shipbuilding. Our fire protection panels are versatile. In shipbuilding, our non-flammable Cemval Protect Marine is in use also where materials have to withstand enormous loads.

Cemval Protect Marine enables shipbuilders to meet the growing technical demands and realize an ambitious, modern design of highest quality. Visions become reality.

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