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About CemTrade

Our company operates with products made of fiber cement on the national and international market. The focus of CemTrade is on the production and distribution of flat, mineral-bonded panels. Our customer base largely consists of commercial companies, industry and processing enterprises.

The preparation of CemTrade products takes place both in Germany and abroad. Thanks to a flexible manufacturing, we are able to present solutions for most customer requirements.

We live diversity. Cemval fiber cement panels offer a nearly inexhaustible range of applications. For example, some of our materials are prepared especially for applications in shipbuilding or in the chemical industry. Fire resistant materials are used in the electrical industry or in railway / container construction, still other products are used for civil engineering, interior finishing or facade.

With our solutions we attach great importance to quality and durability of our products. This allows our customers sustainable investments.

Environmental considerations play a crucial role in the selection of materials and products: only ecologically sound materials are used, conservation of resources and the complete exclusion of toxic aggregates determine our acting. These strict guidelines are also valid for the products of our suppliers.

CemTrade products are designed for a long lifetime, thus allowing savings in energy, raw materials and capital.

In addition to investing in the material and application research, a further focus is the qualification of our employees. In this way we are able to offer the best possible support for our customers.

CemTrade pursues an open corporate policy which is based on a respectful and reliable interaction with each other and with our customers.

Living in harmony with nature

CemTrade fiber cement products are subject to tight self-inspection.

Only ecologically sound materials are used. Resource conservation and the complete exclusion of toxic aggregates determine our acting.

To meet the demand for a healthy living and working environment, we pay attention to zero-emission fabrics for our products.

CemTrade products are environmentally safe. Even without the use of fungicides, our panels are resistant to molds and fungi.

CemTrade products are consistently geared to a long service life. In that way we help to reduce energy and raw material consumption.

CemTrade fiber cement products are ecological building products

• durable
• free of toxins
• free of solvents
• free of harmful evaporations
• environmentally friendly manufactured
• moisture compensative
• manufactured of renewable materials
• or of raw materials which are unlimited available in nature

CemTrade GmbH
Everything under control

CemTrade products are subject to constant quality controls.

In addition to our continual internal controls of the production they are cross-checked by external bodies later.

Moreover, Cemval fiber cement panels are tested over the usual level in order to ensure maximum product safety.

Whether frost resistance or adhesion of certain coatings - during the product development the subsequent product gets the right equipment already at the very beginning.

Also the service and the service area is constantly being refined and verified.

Because of this holistic company approach, the CemTrade customer can always rely on continuous care and quality standards. This also applies to complex deliveries.

Each product fulfills the promised properties.

That’s what our name stands for.

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