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Cemval cladding panels
Aesthetics meets function

Cemval cladding panels are fiber-reinforced, compressed fiber cement panels, which are made from natural materials.

Their use is wherever a durable, weather-stable and non-combustible building product is required.

Cemval cladding panels are easy to work with, they can be precisely machined with normal tools on site. The material is laid on wooden or metal subframe.

Urban problems can be solved with natural style, which manages the balancing act between architectural elegance and robust functionality .

Ideas become solutions.

The range of designs is enormous and gives builders and architects free rein to their decision:

Cemval Fassade
throughcolored fiber cement panel, available in 11 standard colors

Cemval Fassade Color
throughcolored fiber cement panels with color pigmented surface, available in nearly infinite shades

Cemval Fassade Oxydarium
throughcolored fiber cement panels with oxidized surface, available in different types

Cemval Planks
throughcolored fiber cement panels for a lightweight facade cladding, available in 11 standard colors

Cemval Fassade cladding panels having the German national technical approval according to EN 12467, certification number Z-31.4-189, and the CE-certification.

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